Ozone Tester

 OZ-0500-AC is designed to estimate the resistance of material to ozone exposure under tensile strain condition. Corona discharge generator and UV absorption analyzer are used for ozone production and detection. Optional specimen fixtures are available to fit different test requirements.

 Temp.range  Ambient temp. +10℃ ~ 80℃
 Temp.fluctuation  ±0.5℃
 Temp.uniformity  ±2.0℃
 Minimum temp.  20.0℃
 Heating up time  Ambient temp. to 80℃ within 40 min
 Cooling down time  Ambient temp. to 20℃ within 30 min
 Ozone concentration  25~500pphm
 Ozone fluctuation   ±2.5pphm
 Interior dimension ( W x D x H)  50×50×60cm
 Ozone generator  Corona discharge
 Power  1∮ AC 220V 50/60Hz(or specify)


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