The sample collection system has been developed for maximum precision which makes short measuring intervals possible. This facilitates extremely short waiting periods between measurements, guaranteeing high accuracy of reproducibility of the measurements.

The BA 4020 contains a special electrochemical sensor, which reacts only to alcohol. The unique characteristic of the sensor is its specific reaction to alcohol as well as its long term stability, resulting in a 6-month calibration interval. The influence of other substances that may be contained in the exhaled air, such as acetone, eucalyptol, etc. is negligible owing to the electrochemical measuring principle applied.

The BA 4020 provides fast and accurately measurement of alcohol content in human breath gas, meanwhile test results can also be can printed out immediately by wireless printer.

The BA 4020 is designed for a quick and accurate determination to check the percent of alcohol or alcohol intake and is the optimal solution for following applications:

                - Police routine alcohol verification

                - To test prison inmates

                - To ensure safety at work