New Product!! TruCam 2 Speed Enforcement Laser with Video

The all new LTI 20/20 TruCAM II is here! Showing off a large 9.4 cm trans-reflective LCD screen and other cutting edge features, the TruCAM II is the ultimate traffic and speed enforcement laser with video available on the market. The improvements in today's technology has given LTI the opportunity to provide exciting new enhancements to the TruCAM II laser. Speeding, tailgating, distracted driving and other traffic violations have met their match. The TruCAM II provides a high-resolution image which shows the license plate number as well as a full-length video of the violation like its predecessor, the original TruCAM. But the upgrades of this traffic and speed enforcement laser allows officers the utmost in versatility.   

     Optimum Camera Operating Range:      15 - 150 meters
     Speed Accuracy:      ±2 km/h
     Speed Range:      0 km/h to 320 km/h approaching and departing
     Range Accuracy:      ±15 cm (±6 inches) absolute accuracy
     Display Resolution:      Speed: ±1 km/h Distance: ±0.1 meter
     Minimum Measurement Distance:      Speed Mode: 15.25 meters Weather Mode: 61 meters
     Maximum Measurement Distance:      1,200 meters/1,500 meters; extended range can be modified by request
     Measurement Time:      0.33 sec
     Maximum Laser Sampling:      Up to 3 measurements per second
     Units of Measure:      Speed: Kilometers per hour Distance: Meters
     Laser Power:      90 micro watts nominal
     Laser Wavelength:      905 nanometers nominal
     Beam Divergence:      2.5 milliradians nominal
     Eye Safety:      FDA Class 1 (CFR 21) IEC 60825-1
     Body:      Composite polycarbonate outer shell, aluminum internal chassis
     Weight:      1.6 kg Including Battery Pack
     Size:      21.0 cm x 9.8 cm x 31.7 cm
     Environment:      NEMA 4 / IP55 Water and Dust Resistant
     Temperature Range:      Operating: -10° to +60° C Charging: 0° to +45° C Storage: -20° to +60° C
     Processor:      Computer: Freescale ARM Cortex A9 32-bit i.MX6 dual core; 1 GHz
     Laser Core: NXP LPC2136
     System Memory:      1 GB (DDR3 RAM)
     Capture Data Storage:      Removable SD Card: Up to 32 GB SD file system formats: VFAT 32 Linux EXT3, GXT4
     Display:      9.4 cm, 480 x 640 pixel, 24 bits per pixel (bpp), touch sensitive
     Camera Sensor:      5 megapixel (2592 x 1944)
     Camera Lens:      Custom lens (330 mm equivalent), auto-focus, auto-iris, auto-shutter speed, auto-day/night filter
     GPS:      Resolution: 3 meters autonomous; 2.5 meters SBAS; Receiver: 22 tracking, 66 acquisition;
     Update Rate: 1 Hz to 10 Hz; Acquisition Times: Hot Start: 1 s, Cold Start: 32 s
     Real Time Clock:      CR1632 backup battery: ± 20 PPM 5 year
     Input/Output (I/O):       RS232, serial communications port; RS485, nighttime flash signal; WIFI: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n;
     Ethernet: 100M / 1G; USB: 5 v dc external power; 6 button inputs
     Operating System:         Linux with custom device drivers
     Anti-Jam:      Automatic laser jammer avoidance
     Video Size and Still Image Sizes:      Full image: 2592 x 1944; After cropping to focus on the area of interest: 1280 x 960
     Data Encryption:       AES-128, U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards, Advanced Encryption, Standard 128       Bit
     Battery Pack:      7.4 v dc, Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery pack, short circuit and overcharge protected,       providing up to 8-10 hours depending on frequency of use with cordless operation
     Battery Charger:      Main Charger: 110 v ac to 240 v ac 50/60 Hz input; 12 v dc / 1.8 A output (or better);
     Automobile Charger: 11 v dc to 16 v dc, cigarette plug connector with 3 Amp fuse