Pendulum Impact Tester

     This tester is used to test the impact-resistance of specimen of various materials which is endured the impact in a certain angle and weight to access it`s toughness.

    After test results are calculated/saved automatically, displayed an printed out (single or multiple pringing). Impact action is simple by pressing a control button.

 Capacity Optional
 (1)IZOD (1J,2.75J,5.5J) & CHARPY  (1J,2.75J,5.5J)
 (2)IZOD (1J,2.75J,5.5J) & CHARPY  (1J,2J,4J,5J)
 Impact Speed
 2.9 m / sec , 3.46 m / sec
 3.46 m / sec , 3.8 m / sec
 Test Angle
 Energy Unit
 kg-cm , kg-m , lb-ft , J(or defined by user)
 Angle Display  Resolution
 Energy Display  Resolution
 By PL-16 printer
 Dimension  (W×D×H)
 Weight (approx.)
 110 kg
 210 kg
 1∮,AC 220V,50/60Hz (Specified by user)


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