Flame Tester

     This machine is used to perform the fireproof test of the insulated conductor. Fix the specimen to the position at which the tip of the test flame isn't affected by breeze, and keep it there for a certain time then extinguish the flame for a certain time. To repeat the above actions to inpect the burn-rate of the specimen.

 Fuel  Methane, gas (prepared by customers  themselves)
 Counter  LCD display
 Nozzle angle (vertical type)  70° (Seat of burner 20°)
 Nozzle angle  (horizontal type)  90°
 Interior chamber (vertical  type)  308×608×359mm(W×H×D)
 Interior chamber (horizontal  type)  610×355×303mm (W×H×D)
 Power  1∮ AC220V 1A(or specified by user)
 Weight (approx.)  28 kg


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