PicoDigiCam Overview

The PicoDigiCam sets the bar for capturing the most clear and vivid videos and license plate images at longer ranges. Turn any LTI laser speed device into a complete speed enforcement system that captures violation data on an SD card and even allows you to sync with communication devices.


Key Features of the PicoDigiCam:

Capable of storing up to 10,000 images (on a 32 GB SD card)

Captures GPS data for additional evidence of your location

Adapts to any C-mount manual focus lens for even better results at longer ranges

Ideal for fixed installation systems

Transfers data through Ethernet cable for remote monitoring and data access at a central office

Nighttime and Tunnel Enforcement

For nighttime and tunnel enforcement, utilize LTI's TruFlash and IR Link with the PicoDigiCam. The combination of these products give users the optimal capability of getting clear, illuminated and fully recognizable images in the dark.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The PicoDigiCam's optical character recognition (OCR) software enables officers to identify the vehicle and owner before pulling the driver over giving them time to determine the correct response to the situation. The OCR software is specific to your country's license plate format.


Operational Modes

Speed Mode: collect speed measurements and all pertinent data for oncoming or departing vehicle within dense traffic.

Rear Plate Mode: capture license plate images of a vehicle without a front plate, including motorcycles.

Dual Speed Mode: enforce multiple speed limits within the same highway and distinguish between commercial and private vehicles.

Night Mode: allows for enforcement at night or within tunnels by triggering a remote flash.

Auto Mode: automatically captures images within a fixed distance.

Remote Monitoring and File Transfer

LTI's PicoDigiCam comes with ShareView, an intuitive software designed for remote monitoring and more data transfer options. With this additional software, users can now instantly send data to a PC or tablet enabling viewing remotely on a larger display and it also makes real-time data available to a central office or down the road enabling accurate and on-the-spot communication; and user training for larger groups easier