UltraLyte Laser Speed Guns

Still the Most Durable and Reliable Laser Speed Guns on the Market!

UltraLyte Overview

Laser Technology's UltraLyte Series were created to provide police agencies with the most durable and reliable speed enforcement tools on the market. No other laser can compare to the UltraLyte’s ruggedness and courtroom reliability, which is why our lasers are used 3 to 1 around the world.

Every UltraLyte model has a high-impact waterproof casing that has been proven time and time again it's able to hold up in the harshest conditions. 

Some have referred to the UltraLyte laser as "a tank" because they truly do stand up to all kinds of situations faced by law enforcement professionals. 

All our laser speed guns have LTI's exclusive Accuracy Validation software, which ensures the accuracy of every speed measurement before it even displays reading in the device. 

Accuracy validation is what makes all LTI lasers the most dependable speed devices in the world and why they always have stood up in court. 

All UltraLyte models have pinpoint targeting, which is the only effective way to enforce speeds within multilane traffic. The laser's beam is approximately 3 feet wide when it reaches a distance of 1000 feet away. This is how our equipment makes it possible for officers to visually identify a speeding vehicle, pinpoint its exact location on the roadway, and then validate its precise speed.

Providing unmatched versatility at your fingertips and offering a wide variety of add-on options - you can collect and report speed statistics, enforce the 2-second following rule, capture an image of a violator’s license plate or even map a crash or crime scene. With a range of models, there is sure to be an UltraLyte with the features to fulfill your needs.