Brittleness Temperature Tester

    This machine is designed for testing samples made of vulcanized rubber. A sample is fixed to a device and then soaked in a medium at a constant low temperature for 5 minutes. The sample is impacted by the dart at a linear speed of 2 ± 0.2m/s at a lowest temperature of no occurrence of brittle failure. The sample is then checked for cracks, crevices, small holes and fragments.

 Temp.  Room temp.~-70℃
 Temp. control  Temperature controlledr, SSR and electric heater
 Temp. Resolution  ±0.01℃
 Cooling method  dry ice  nitrogen( prepared by customer)
 Striking linear speed  2.0 ± 0.2m/s
 Pilot chute size (W×D×H)  57 × 18 × 16 cm
 Dimension(W×D×H)  67 × 67 × 55 cm
 Weight  136 kg
 Power  1∮,AC220V,50/60Hz, 3A(Specified by user)


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