Lamination of PVC Plastic Press Tester

    It is a machine designed for shaping samples made of plastics and various polymers by means of different moulds under high temperature and pressure. This machine is indispensable for preparing samples made of plastics and various polymers. By changing the mould, the required shape of the sample can be obtained. Under the light box equipped, the moulded sample can be checked for impurities.

 Capacity  10 ton  30 ton  50 ton
 Temp.  Room temp.~300°C
 Control System   PLC + HMI
 Heat Plate Area  300 × 300 mm
 Observation Drawer  Used for observing the impurity level of the plastic sheet
 Cooling method  water(optional)
 Dimension (W×D×H)  105 × 70 × 155 cm  115 × 80 × 160 cm
 Weight  765 kg
 Power  3∮,4W,AC380V,50/60Hz,20A (Specified by user)


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