Capillary Rheometer

      Gotech`s new model High Pressure Capillary rheometer is specialized to determine the flow behavior and viscosity of high polymer, polymer, thermoplastics, and elastomers, It provides production and research fields with important scientific data and detailed analysis , especially for researching high polymer`s flow behavior, shear ratio, viscosity, quality control, newproduct development, test, etc.

  Its ergonomic design allows easy access with powerful functions.Sophisticated software and high accuracy makes it the best choice in the flow behavior control field.

 Max. test capacity
 Test speed
 0.0005-20 mm/sec
 Dynamic speed  ratio
 Max. testing temp.
 Temp. control
 PID control,resolution 0.1°C,error <±O.5°C
 Barrel option
 Single barrel
 Barrel dia.
 12 mm ,15 mm, 9.5 mm (optional)
 Barrel length
 200 mm (Acceptable 160mm ~ 290mm ordered)
 Test chamber
 Electrical heating 、easy to change barrel
 Pressure  transducer
 1000 bar ,700 bar,1400 bar (optional)
1400 bar ,2000 bar (optional)
 < 0.25%
 Stainless steel; resistance to erosion, scrape, high temp.
 Tungsten carbide
 (1) 5/0.5-L= 5 mm , D = 0.5 mm ; (2) 10/1-L= 10 mm , D = 1 mm; (3) 20/1-L= 20 mm ,D=  1 mm; (4)30/1-L= 30 mm , D= 1 mm ; (5) 20/2-L= 20 mm , D= 2 mm; [Select any two of  them.]
 Test mode
 "Constant speed" and "Constant pressure"
 CR-6000 Dedicated system
 Dimension (W×D×H)
 66×61×212 cm
 1∮,220V,50/60Hz,8A(Specified by user)
1∮,220V,8A(Specified by user)
 250 kg
 Clean system
 Use the up-to-date pneumatic motor-driven cleaning device.


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