HV-3000-P is a bench type HDT/VICAT tester. It is designed to measure heat deflection temperature and VICAT softening temperature for evaluation of thermal property of plastic materials. This tester features high precision temperature ramp rate control. LVDT sensor is used on each station to ensure high accuracy of deflection measurement. The HDT software of HV-3000-P comes with many convenient and flexible features. The operator can easily monitor real-time graph, start cooling, modify test condition and edit test report in a few simple steps. Moreover, our HDT software can automatically calculate required loading weight based on specified test conditions and save test result.

 Temp. range  Ambient temp. to 300℃
 Test station  3 or 6
 Operating system  PC based HDT software
 Temp. control accuracy  ±0.5℃
 Heating rate  2±0.2℃/min (HDT) or 50±5℃/hr  (VICAT)
 Cooling method  Built in water piping (standard)
 Water chiller (optional)
 Cool down time (water piping)  300 to 35℃ within 40min
 (when water temp. is below 25℃)
 Test method  HDT and VICAT
 Deflection / penetration measuring  range  0.001 to 3.500mm (LVDT sensor)
 Stirring method  Vortex stirrer
 Power  1∮ AC 220V  50Hz (or specify)


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