LaserSoft SpeedCapture App

A Complete Photo Speed Enforcement System at a Fraction of the Cost!

LaserSoft SpeedCapture App Overview

LTI's LaserSoft SpeedCapture App and the TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth® speed measurement and mapping laser combined together give law enforcement the ability to show exactly what was seen thru the laser when the speed measurement took place. The TruSpeed Sxb laser, now with iOS and Android™ compatible Bluetooth®, syncs with our SpeedCapture app to capture and store a picture of the offending vehicle.

LaserSoft SpeedCapture App collects the time, speed and distance data as well as the option to input vehicle and violation information. It embeds all this data within the photo and can either be sent officers for group enforcement or the whole data log can be downloaded to a PC or to a department server. No data plan required.

Now officers have undeniable confirmation of a violator's speed, and can instantly send a photo down the road to the officer writing citations or even keep a detailed log of violations by archiving the data to a computer.

Key Features of LaserSoft SpeedCapture App

   - Get a complete photo speed enforcement system at a fraction of the cost.

   - Transfer all your collected evidence from your phone to a PC or send to a department server.

   - Enforce more than just speed:

- Distracted driving

- Seat belt use

- HOV lane

- Stop sign

- Red light

Violation data fields:

- Citation

- Driver's License

- License Plate

- Zone Limit

- Traffic offense

- Speed

- Vehicle Type

- Direction

- Vehicle Make

- Location

- Vehicle Model

- Distance

- Operator Name

- Date/Time

- Additional Notes